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Today on RÚV English Radio, an interview recorded for RÚV's foreign coverage.

Every week, the foreign news desk here at RÚV produces a radio program, and a podcast, about foreign affairs and world events. The programme is called HEIMSKVIÐUR, and is broadcast on Rás 1 on Saturday afternoons.

Here on RÚV English Radio we strive to bring not just Iceland but RÚV to the world in English, and many of the interviews that are recorded for HEIMSKVIÐUR happen in English. Occasionally here on RÚV English Radio you'll have the chance to hear some of those interviews, in full, in English.

Jaroslaw Kuisz is a well known Polish author and political analyst.

He's an assistant professor of law at the University of Warsaw, editor in chief of the Liberal Culture Weekly magazine and director of the Liberal Culture Foundation in Poland.

His new book, The New Politics of Poland, will be published next month, by Manchester University Press.

He spoke to RUV's Bjorn Malmquist recently about the upcoming elections in Poland and how Polish history continues to impact the dynamics of Polish politics.

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3. okt. 2023

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