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Today on RÚV English, we look at a chance to freshen up your home decor, at no cost!

Do you have any art or home decor you don't enjoy or don't have enough space for anymore?

You can bring them for a swap in Sólheimar City Library and exchange them for some other kind of decor someone else brought to the swap.

The art swap market is one of many markets that will take place in Sólheimar City Library this year.

Darren went to the library and spoke to Guðríður Sigurbjörnsdóttir and Lísbet Perla Gestsdóttir about the art swap, and the many other markets that take place there.

See more information here: https://borgarbokasafn.is/en/event/arts-crafts/home-decor-art-swap-market

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29. ágúst 2023

Aðgengilegt til

Rennur ekki út
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