Kveikur attempted to make contact with everyone named in the investigation with repeated phone calls, messages, and letters.





Responses were received by media outlets working with Kveikur from two of the so-called sharks. No tangible responses were received from Samherji or any of the company's employees.

Sacky Shanghala denies receiving funds from Samherji and points out that all his finances have been overseen by James Hatuikulipi since he took up his position. He says there has been nothing inappropriate about his communications with Samherji, which have all been in accordance with his ministerial duties.

Tamson Hatukulipi says there was nothing unusual in the hundred million/hundreds of millions ISK consultation fees to companies connected to him. He says he assisted Samherji in making contact with quota holders in the country, and did so without the involvement of his father-in-law.

RÚV's contact with Samherji

On 15th October, Kveikur sent an email to Samherji requesting an interview with the company director. It was quickly rejected but requested again nevertheless.

Interview request to Samherji, 15 October 2019.

On 25th October, Kveikur sent another interview request that was accompanied by a detailed overview of the subject matter of the coverage.

Repeat interview request to Samherji, 25 October 2019.

The following communications subsequently took place:

Letter from Samherji to RÚV, 06 November 2019.

Letter from RÚV to Samherji, 07 November 2019.

Letter from Samherji to RÚV, 08 November 2019.

Letter from RÚV to Samherji, 09 November 2019.

Letter from Samherji to RÚV, 10 November 2019.

Letter from RÚV to Samherji, 11 November 2019.

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