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John Kerry received Iceland environment prize

14.10.2019 - 14:29
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Arctic Circle
John Kerry, former US Secretary of State and presidential candidate, was this Saturday awarded an Arctic Circle Prize. The chair of the Arctic Circle Round Table says Kerry received the prize for having been a consistent voice pressuring the American authorities to commit to tackle environmental matters; though he also criticised Kerry for coming to Iceland for the assembly on a private jet.

The final day of the Arctic Round Table at the Arctic Circle Assembly took place on Saturday and included discussions on fisheries innovation, the creation of artificial snow for wintertime tourism, and the inclusion of Vatnajökull National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Dagfinnur Sveinbjörnsson, the chairman of Arctic Circle, said the high point of the day was John Kerry handing out the Arctic Circle Prizes, as well as receiving one himself, and also giving the closing address for the whole Arctic Circle Assembly, which has been held annually in Reykjavík since 2013. 

While the Arctic Circle Assembly has room for discussion on all things Arctic, Dagfinnur says this year’s outing has been dominated by the climate crisis. 

“But the centre of gravity this time as also been the increased interest that the American authorities in special ways are showing the Arctic region, and the consequences that has on relations between the world’s most powerful nations and how they shake out and take shape in the Arctic.”

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