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Compensation considered in historic case

01.10.2018 - 09:29
Mynd með færslu
Frá sýknudómi Hæstaréttar 2018. Mynd: Ragnar Visage - RÚV
Prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir has, on behalf of the Icelandic government, made a formal apology to the former defendants in the famous Guðmundur and Geirfinnur case, who were acquitted of all charges last week. Her apology extended to the defendants’ relatives and others who have been caused pain by the four-decade-old miscarriage of justice. The apology followed a cabinet meeting in which the Supreme Court’s decision to acquit was discussed by government ministers.

The same statement from the PM said that a working group will be formed with representatives of the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, and the Ministry of Justice to negotiate suitable and appropriate payments to the five defendants to cover compensation and damages. There is no benchmark figure to work from, as the case is unprecedented in Icelandic legal history.   

The Supreme Court of Iceland last Thursday acquitted five people of all charges in the double murder case that they were found guilty of at the same court 38 years earlier. 

The daughter of one of the defendants, Tryggvi Rúnar Leifsson, who died in 2009, told RÚV she celebrates the results and the government apology, but adds that the fairest outcome would be for those who abused her father’s rights in their push for an unsound guilty verdict to face some consequences. 

Asked if a formal inquiry will be launched into what happened, and why, Katrín Jakobsdóttir said no such decisions have yet been made, but said the Supreme Court's judgement is a "very clear outcome to the case".