Athugið þessi frétt er meira en mánaðargömul.

43,000 litres of milk went to waste in the storm

20.12.2019 - 11:40
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Bjarni Rúnarsson - RÚV
The severe storm that hit Iceland last week had a major impact on farmers—largely because of power cuts and closed roads. Dairy farmers could not milk their cows during power cuts, and they could not refrigerate the milk that had been collected before the power went off. MS Iceland Dairies received 43,000 fewer litres of milk from farms last week than the week before.

The Bændablaðið agricultural newspaper quotes Garðar Eíríksson, the head of the Auðhumla dairy farmers’ association, as saying that number is not exhaustive because under-milked cows produce less milk and so productivity will also be down following the power cuts. It is impossible to guess what the exact level of financial damage to farmers is, he says. 

Garðar told RÚV last week that efforts were made to minimise the impact of the storm by collecting milk from farms at unusual times before the storm hit. 

Milk is usually collected from farms roughly three times per week, which means farmers need refrigerated tanks to store the milk for up to three days. The regularity of milk collections differs by region.  

Kristín Halldórsdóttir, manager of MS Iceland Dairies in Akureyri, says that milk was not poured down the drain due to transport problems last Wednesday, though no new milk was collected from farms that day. Deliveries to shops and companies were also not made that day. Milk collection began again on Thursday and staff worked long into the night, she says.

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