Flowers bloom again in an unusually warm November

18.11.2022 - 16:04
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Sölvi Andrason - RÚV
Kale is sprouting even though it's mid-November. Eucalyptus, rock rose, and Lenten roses don’t seem to be in the mood for winter, as they still wear their summer colours of green and red. It has been warm over almost all of the country, and never in the history of the capital has been a hotter November than this year. 

Akureyri has been unusually mild and warm in the past few days. In the northern city’s Botanical Gardens, the grass is still green and lush, and some plants are still in full bloom. Sedum flowers have even started to wake up and bloom again.  

"This has been an unusual November, and the last three days especially have been particularly warm,“ says Kristín Björg Ólafsdóttir, an expert in climate research. 

The hottest November in Iceland's history was in 1945. But in many parts of the country, temperature records for the month were broken on Sunday. It was seven to eight degrees warmer in some places than the average temperature.  

"For example, the temperature at Reykjavík weather station was 12.7 degrees, a new high. The temperature had not reached that before at Reykjavík station since records began," says Kristín Björg. 

Autumn has been mild in the East, and the warmth there has extended the harvest period. Kale is still grown in the open air at Móðir Jörð in Vallanes, near Egilsstaðir, and that means it is still possible to harvest and send the cabbage to market, even though it is now November. 

When asked what is causing such mildness, Kristín Björg says, “the weather systems just line up like that. It has been warm from the east and southeast for the whole month". 

Guðmundur Vernhardsson, horticulturist at plant nursery Gróðrarstöðin Mörk, says, “The plants that should have gone to sleep, so-called perennial plants, should have finished dropping their leaves by now, but some of them are still green.” 

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