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Prins Póló has died, aged 45

29.09.2022 - 21:39
Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson stendur við opinn bílskúr með gítar í hönd og kórónu Prins Póló á höfði.
 Mynd: Ingvar Haukur Guðmundsson - RÚV
The musician Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson, often known as Prins Póló, has died at the age of 45. He was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2018.

Svavar Pétur studied graphic design at Iceland University of the Arts, but since went on to become one of the nation’s best-known musicians, famous for his varied musical styles and lyrics. His creative flair was spread wide across the fields of graphic design, music, pictorial arts, food, photography, clothing, and more. The theme running through his art was often to shine a light on the everyday.

Svavar Pétur played in bands including Múldýrið, Rúnk, and Skakkamanage, before going solo under the name Prins Póló. Posters with text from his songs have become popular in homes and cafés around Iceland, as has food he created and marketed under the names Bulsur (grain-based sausages) and Bopp (like popcorn, except made with Icelandic barley).

Svavar Pétur and his wife, Berglind Häsler, ran accommodation and cultural operations at Karlsstaðir in Berufjörður. He leaves behind three children: Hrólfur Steinn, Aldís Rún, and Elísa.

His years-long battle against cancer was gruelling; as he shared publicly in media interviews, including on RÚV TV’s Kveikur programme. He continued creating for as long as he could; including this summer, when he held an exhibition called “Hvernig ertu?” (How Are You?) and released an album with the same name.

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