Ambassador to cycle through 'his' countries

21.09.2022 - 20:26
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Iceland’s ambassador in Helsinki, Harald Aspelund, and his wife Ásthildur Björg Jónsdóttir, are going to cycle through the countries covered by their embassy. They want their trip to shine a light on sustainable tourism.

Harald took on the role of Icelandic ambassador in Finland on the 1st August. He is also Iceland’s ambassador to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Harald has been an avid cyclist for decades and has always tried to incorporate it into his work in some way.

“When the decision was taken to sent us here to Helsinki, we thought this would be a good way of getting to know the country and its people. One of our roles when we first arrive in the country is to meet Iceland’s consuls. There are five of them in Finland. The northernmost in Rovaniemi and then down along the coast,” Harald explains.

Would usually fly

The ambassadorial couple started their first journey earlier this month by taking a sleeper train to Rovaniemi, from where they cycled 250 kilometres south to Oulu. They used the trip to draw attention to good relations between Iceland and Finland, as well as sustainability in the high north. They visited Iceland’s consuls in Rovaniemi and Oulu.

“And I still have to meet three more consuls in Finland and those in the other countries covered: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as well,” Harald told RÚV.

Harald says that under normal circumstances, they would have flown to Rovaniemi.

As the winter is approaching, there will be little in the way of long-distance bike rides, but the couple plan to meet all the consuls under pedal power over the coming year.

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