Icelandair called to domestic flights meeting

19.09.2022 - 19:31
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: RÚV
The director of Icelandair was today invited to a meeting in Akureyri to discuss persistent disruption to the airline’s domestic services. A representative of the association of municipalities in northeast Iceland says residents’ confidence in the airline has been shaken and that people are missing meetings, doctor’s appointments, and even onward international flights.

Passengers have frequently expressed dissatisfaction with Icelandair delays and cancellations on flights within Iceland in recent months—sometimes missing meetings and appointments in Reykjavík, or onward flights, as a result.

The municipalities’ association in the northeast of the country therefore invited Icelandair boss Bogi Nils Bogason to a meeting in Akureyri to discuss the situation. The association chair, Lára Halldóra Eiríksdóttir, says the situation is unacceptable: “What is clear is that the trust of individuals here in this region towards this mode of transport has taken a severe knock. And it is imperative that we enter into a results-orientated conversation on how this service can be improved.”

Not always very strong excuses

The matter affects residents all over northeast Iceland, which is why the regional municipalities’ association has taken it on. Reliable transport is essential and local people must be able to access necessary services outside the region. “Of course, we fully understand that there are explanations behind it all,” Lára says. “But the question is of course how acceptable those explanations are. We believe it quite simply must be improved.”

The reliability of domestic flights will also be on the agenda when Akureyri council meets at 16.00 tomorrow.

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