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Eruption may be over

21.08.2022 - 13:38
Mynd: RÚV / RÚV
The met office is not yet prepared to declare the Meradalir volcanic eruption formally over, but all volcanic unrest has died out. Volcanic activity stopped overnight, after decreasing steadily for several days.

Alongside this, there is no longer any glowing lava visible in the crater as of this morning, according to the South Iceland volcanoes and natural hazards group. The statement adds that there is visibly less gas being produced than yesterday and that the crater has probably now closed.

Met office natural hazards specialist Sigríður Magnea Óskarsdóttir says it is too early to declare the eruption over: “Well, that’s the big question,” she says. “No, there is still some activity in the crater and it’s still gurgling away. But there isn’t the lava fountain activity that we have seen it recent days and weeks since the eruption started, but later yesterday the unrest started dropping off and now it has died right out.”

Sigríður says that for the met office to declare the eruption over, there will need to be no activity at all for several days or weeks. “I expect someone will go this week to look at the situation and then there will likely be a meeting of the scientific council soon and people will go over the situation and the data and assess from that, what the situation is by then.”

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