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Uncertainty alert over earthquake swarm

22.12.2021 - 11:22
Mynd: RÚV / Veðurstofa Íslands
The chiefs of the state and Suðurnes police have issued a civil protection uncertainty alert due to a new earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes peninsula. Thousands of quakes have been recorded since yesterday, including several that were clearly felt across Southwest Iceland.

“A civil protection uncertainty alert means increased monitoring of a situation which could go on to threaten the health and safety of people, the environment, or infrastructure. To declare an uncertainty alert is part of the working procedure in civil protection organisation to ensure formal communications and information sharing between agencies,” as statement says.  

The elevated state of alert has no direct impact on the public. It is the lowest of three alert levels used by civil protection authorities in Iceland. 

Clearly felt 

An earthquake of Magnitude 4.9 occurred close to the no-longer-erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano around 09.30 this morning, and was widely felt by people. 

The earthquake swarm began at around 17.00 yesterday and three of the 1,400 registered quakes have been Magnitude 4 or greater—including a 4.2 at 04.30 and a 4.1 just before 09.00 this morning. 

Elísabet Pálmadóttir, natural hazards specialist at the Met Office, says the earthquake swarm is very similar to the one that began shortly before the volcanic eruption started in March. It is nevertheless hard to predict what will happen now. 

“This activity is at a depth that makes it a bit difficult to say where the magma is or whether magma is moving up to the surface, but there we do see that it is able to traverse this area right across Fagradalsfjall and it could really be anywhere in that area,” Elísabet says. 

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