Whale carcasses removed by coastguard

13.10.2021 - 10:09
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Landhelgisgæslan - RÚV
The crew of Þór, the Icelandic coastguard’s flagship vessel, yesterday hauled over 50 dead pilot whales from a beach in Árneshreppur in the Westfjords onto the deck of the boat. The ship set off early yesterday evening to drop its sad cargo in an area of strong ocean currents.

The whales beached themselves and died over a week ago, it was reported, and posed an increasing environmental health hazard to humans and animals. Whale carcasses are, meanwhile, an important and beneficial part of the ocean ecosystem.  

The pod of whales beached in Melavík, Hvalvík, and Trékyllisvík eleven days ago but remained in fairly good condition due to cool conditions.  

Locals in the area are happy to see the back of the dead whales and the operation to remove them went smoothly, according to RÚV journalist Elsa María Guðlaugs Drífudóttir. It was not clear whether all the whales could be brought aboard during daylight yesterday, but the operation became increasingly efficient as it progressed and the project was complete before 19.00. 

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