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Worried Wally watchers welcome word of whereabouts

21.09.2021 - 11:37
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Lilja Jóhannsdóttir
The walrus that appeared unexpectedly in Höfn í Hornafirði on Sunday returned to the town again around 19.30 yesterday evening. Locals again flocked to see him, and he appeared to enjoy the attention. He is believed to be the walrus known as Wally, who spent most of this summer in Europe, visiting Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands, France, and Spain.

Höfn resident Lilja Jóhannesdóttir told RÚV last night that the walrus returned to almost the exact same spot on the same pontoon as on Sunday. His choice of seat is fortunate, because Wally caused considerable damage to boats in the harbour in Cork, Ireland, this summer, as he climbed on them to rest. He spent seven weeks in Tenby, Wales. Wally watchers were getting concerned, as he had not been seen since late August. It now appears he used the past weeks to swim to Iceland and may be heading home to the Arctic. 

The walrus makes a noise to warn people if they get too close, but seems mostly unafraid of the attention. Police were on hand to make sure people and walrus remained safe. At the time of writing on Tuesday morning, the walrus appears to have headed out to sea again, as the live webcam shows, here

It has been around five years since a walrus was last seen in the area. Walruses are high-Arctic species that live among sea ice. They are very rare visitors to Iceland—and even rarer visitors to Ireland, Wales, and Spain. 

The walrus in Iceland is believed to be Wally due to his similar movements and the similar scars on his flippers. 

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