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Eurovision song leaked: “this is clearly theft”

11.03.2021 - 15:25
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A pirate version of 10 Years, the new song from Daði & Gagnamagnið that will represent Iceland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has been leaked online. The song was not due to be heard until its official launch on RÚV TV this Saturday.

Instead, the song has been leaked and shared on a large number of websites in Iceland and overseas. RÚV’s head of television, Skarphéðinn Guðmundsson, says the leak is upsetting but that everyone is keeping emotions in check and sticking to the plan. Eurovision organisers have been asked for answers to how this situation was possible. 

“What happened is that we submitted the song on Tuesday, when we were required to submit it to the Eurovision contest. And less than a day later it had been leaked, or it has leaked on the internet,” Skarphéðinn says. 

"It is clear theft, it is not in itself a leak. This has happened before, more than once. It shows how great the anticipation is when it comes to how much people want to hear this song. That is something we can feel positive about, that there is a lot of excitement to hear the entry from Daði & Gagnamagnið this year.” 

Bookmakers could have an effect 

Is it known how this happened, or who did it?

"It’s impossible to say. As I said, it is some unscrupulous individuals who do this. There’s betting around it, which probably has something to do with it as well. But, as I say, it’s impossible to trace it and all we can do is stick to our course and stay dignified. Daði is relaxed and we are relaxed and are holding course.” 

Isn’t it clear that a member of staff who handled the song at some stage is behind the leak? 

“As I say, we’re taking this seriously. We are in contact with the contest organisers and have informed them of the leak and that we are taking it seriously. But there is very little we can do other than try our best to trace it and to make sure respectable overseas media are not taking part in this sort of theft.” 

So, it is being tracked? 

“We are trying to track it somehow, but actually there is not a lot we can do. We are first and foremost concentrating on putting on a show on Saturday when the song and the act will be revealed in all their glory and we are very excited to be able to do that on this new television series, Straumar.” 

Never before quite like this 

Will this have any consequences for our participation in Eurovision? 

"It won’t have any consequences other than that we will of course call for answers from contest managers on how this can happen and whether there is a need to tighten all these precautionary measures against possible theft.” 

Has this happened to Icelandic Eurovision songs? 

“This has happened before with Icelandic Eurovision songs that have been in Söngvakeppnin when they have not been released here at home, are still in production and the shows in production, then it has happened that some leaks have taken place. But it has never happened before like this,” Skarphéðinn says. 

10 Years will officially launch on Straumar, this Saturday at 19.45 (UTC), on RÚV 1 and

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