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Air Iceland Connect to disappear

09.03.2021 - 10:57
Mynd með færslu
Icelandair Group has announced today that it will unite its domestic and international aviation services under the same brand. From next Tuesday, Air Iceland Connect will be no more, and will instead become Icelandair.

The two airlines’ route networks, sales, and marketing will merge under the current Icelandair brand. 

"Strengthen our key destinations all over the country” 

Bogi Nils Bogason, director of Icelandair Group says that the company hopes the change will increase the number of foreign tourists who choose to take domestic flights. “In the longer term, when the provision of domestic flights will become prominent in the Icelandair booking system, our hope is that with powerful marketing and connection to our route network in Europe and North America, we will succeed in increasing the number of tourists on domestic flights. That would strengthen our key destinations all over the country and benefit our customers in the form of higher flight frequency and better service,” Bogi says in a statement. 

Domestic destinations visible on Icelandair website 

After the change, destinations all over Iceland will become visible on the Icelandair website through the same search, for a single ticket to and from any European or North American destination. “The connection to the Icelandair brand will lift domestic destinations up internationally, as the Icelandair brand is well-known in the company’s key markets after decades of development and investment in sales and marketing matters,” the statement continues. 

Same destinations and collaboration with Norlandair 

Icelandair’s domestic destinations will be Akureyri, Egilsstaðir, Ísafjörður, and Vestmannaeyjar; which is the same as today with Air Iceland Connect.  

Air Iceland Connect and Norlandair currently cooperate on flights from Reykjavík to Bíldudalur and Gjögur, and from Akureyri to Þórshöfn and Grímsey. After 16th March, those flights will only be bookable through the Norlandair website, and not through Icelandair. “The companies will, though, continue to work closely together and there will be no change to passenger services from Akureyri airport or Reykjavík airport,” the statement says. 

Operational synergy 

According to the company’s statement today, work has been underway to unify Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect operations for some time and that the goal of the change next week is to ensure a sustainable future for Icelandair Group domestic flights and flights within the West Nordic region, as well as simplifying the company’s operation overall.  

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