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“We thank Iceland for being brave”

12.02.2021 - 12:21
Yesterday marked 30 years since Iceland became the first country in the world to recognise Lithuania as an independent, sovereign nation. The country’s honorary consul in Iceland says Lithuania is still grateful to all Icelanders today for their support. Continued good bilateral ties are a benefit to both countries.

Lithuania was the first Soviet state to declare independence, in March 1990. On 11th February 1991, Alþingi voted that Iceland would recognise that independence—the first country to do so. Diplomatic relations were then established six months later, with all three Baltic states which had by then all been recognised by Iceland.

A new video (see below) made by Lithuanians in Iceland shows that the country is still very aware of this piece of history. 

To mark the occasion, Inga Minelgaité, honorary consul, presented foreign minister Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson with a bouquet of flowers yesterday morning. “All Lithuanians know that Iceland was first country to acknowledge our independence and when we meet Icelanders, we thank them for being brave.”  

Inga says the past 30 years have gone well for her home country: “Lithuania today is an EU member and is a country that is strongly built, and we are continuing to build, on such values that are very close to Icelandic hearts too; such as democracy, integrity, freedom, human rights.” 

The two countries have cooperated in a wide range of areas, especially including climate change and defence issues. “I am strongly convinced that these two countries will increase their cooperation even further."

The video above includes an interview in English, and the video below is the “Takk” message from Lithuanians in Iceland. 

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