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Mudslides batter Seyðisfjörður

16.12.2020 - 09:33
Mynd: Aðsend mynd / Aðend mynd
After very heavy rain in East Iceland, a significant mudslide hit a Seyðisfjörður house and continued to flow on through the town centre yesterday evening. Several others followed.

Houses in avalanche protection zone C were evacuated and an emergency help centre set up; though nobody chose to stay there as all 120 affected residents had somewhere else in town they could spend the night. The civil protection agency has issued a danger alert over this and other possible landslides in the east.

No further landslides were reported in Seyðisfjörður after 22.00 last night, though the danger alert covers the whole region and other fjords are being monitored carefully. The alert is likely to stay in place all day today, at least, as further rain is forecast.

No injuries have been reported, but parts of Seyðisfjörður town are described as “wet and dirty” by the head of East Iceland police, Kristján Ólafur Guðnason. The clean-up will be time-consuming. In the meantime, he describes the mood in town as “stoic”. People are staying safe indoors and waiting for the rain to stop before assessing the damage. 

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