Footballer tests positive for COVID-19

26.06.2020 - 10:26
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A player from the top league of Icelandic women's football has tested positive for COVID-19. She entered Iceland on 17th June and tested negative for the coronavirus at the border, according to a social media post from the country's civil protection agency.

It later came to light through contat tracing that she had been in contact with an infected person overseas and she went for a second test. That test came back positive. She remains without symptoms.

The infection could have some impact on the ongoing organisation of the women's Pepsi Max League.

Contact tracers are working to quarantine people for 14 days, and it is clear that a large number of people will be affected.

More information is expected today; possibly at the press conference scheduled for this afternoon to discuss the progress of testing at the border so far. The prime minister and head of deCODE genetics will join the three civil protection heads at the press briefing.

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager
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