Icelandair strikes deal with pilots

15.05.2020 - 16:06
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Bjarni Rúnarsson - RÚV
Icelandair and the association of professional pilots in Iceland have agreed a new contract until 30th September 2025. “The contract is in line with the stated goal of increasing the working time and flexibility significantly,” a statement from the airline says. Jón Þór Þorvaldsson, chairman of the pilots’ association, has called it an historic contract.

“Pilots are proud to have achieved the goals set out to improve Icelandair’s competitiveness. The contract ensures that the company is well prepared to compete in any market in the long-term and make use of the opportunities that will most certainly come up,” Jón Þór says. 

Icelandair director Bogi Nils Bogason said: “Major changes were made the contract that ensures increased work from pilots and allows the company greater flexibility in developing the Icelandair route network. With this, the pilots are throwing their weight behind the company for the long haul.” 

Icelandair has yet to agree a new deal with its cabin crew and that dispute appears to be making little progress. The two sides last met for one hour on Wednesday and did not schedule a new meeting. The cabin crew association believes the contract on offer amounts to a 40 percent cut in employment conditions when factors including longer hours, greater responsibilities and a wage freeze are taken into consideration together. Bogi Nils rejects that claim outright, saying the proposed cut is much smaller. 

Icelandair is under great pressure to complete new contracts with all remaining employees before its investors’ meeting on 22nd May. At that meeting, efforts will be made to refinance the company. If successful, the government has offered a State guarantee for loans made to Icelandair.

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager