COVID rule relaxation recommendations
Chief epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason has presented recommendations for further changes to anti coronavirus contagion rules within Iceland. Among the changes the health minister might make are allowing spectators at sporting events again. He does not recommend significantly relaxing the rules at bars and restaurants at this time, however. The prospect of summer festivals is still on the table this year, he says.
22.02.2021 - 15:39
Music experiment indicates hens like the Beatles
Two teenage friends, working with their natural sciences teacher, decided to conduct an experiment on chickens. They counted the number of eggs laid in two days under normal circumstances, and then repeated the count after two days playing the hens Mozart, and again after two days of the Beatles. The results were striking, they say.
22.02.2021 - 14:23
Icelandair training pilots ready for Boeing 737 MAX
Icelandair is working to upgrade the first few returning planes in its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 passenger jets after North American and European authorities renewed their air-worthiness certification. The planes need updates and maintenance that will take several weeks, but the pilots also need to update their skills in preparation for the spring.
22.02.2021 - 13:44
The Week in Iceland, 22 February 2021
The weekly news programme from RÚV English: an entertaining look at what's been going on in Iceland over the past seven days.
22.02.2021 - 12:21
Eight in custody over shooting, one extended
Eight people, including one Icelandic citizen, are in custody over the fatal shooting in Reykjavík last weekend. The eighth was remanded in custody today and is one of the two arrested yesterday. Custody for one Lithuanian citizen arrested shortly after the murder late last Saturday was due to expire today but police are applying for an extension.
19.02.2021 - 15:34
Quarter failed to provide negative test
Iceland’s border control policies changed today and the first passengers required to provide a negative COVID-19 test certificate less than 72 hours old arrived from Boston. Roughly a quarter of the passengers did not have the required certificates, but no fines will be charged until Monday at the earliest.
19.02.2021 - 14:53
Mountaineers declared dead but may have reached peak
The family of John Snorri Sigurjónsson is convinced that he made it to the summit of K2, according to a statement from his wife, Lína Móey Bjarnadóttir. The family says phone data supports the claim, as John Snorri had planned to call Lína Móey from his satellite phone at the peak. Pakistani authorities declared the three mountaineers presumed dead yesterday.
19.02.2021 - 13:18
Murderer was waiting, wife and child were inside
Seven people are now in custody in connection to the murder of a young man on Rauðagerði in Reykjavík this weekend. Three men were remanded in custody last night and one woman was released. A number of new details about the case have now emerged; including that the murderer was waiting outside the victim’s house and shot him when he returned home.
18.02.2021 - 14:32
New in Iceland for the new in Iceland
New in Iceland is a recently-opened service centre designed to assist people who are still adjusting to life in Iceland. The service is open to everyone and aims to help answer questions on almost any topic.
18.02.2021 - 13:52
No new cases and further rule changes ahead
There were no domestic COVID-19 diagnoses in Iceland yesterday, in or out of quarantine, for the sixth day in a row. Two cases were identified in border testing; one with antibodies and the other still waiting for further analysis.
18.02.2021 - 12:57
Women with degrees earn the same as men without
Women with master’s degrees who live with a spouse or partner earn an average of around 100,000 krónur less per month than men with bachelor’s degrees who live with a spouse or partner. Women with bachelor’s degrees have similar takings to men with only school education—and those men earn more than women with a bachelor’s outside the capital area.
18.02.2021 - 12:10
40-50 caught in prostitution sting
Over 40 people are now official suspects in the wake of a large police operation in December against the purchase of prostitution in the capital region.
18.02.2021 - 11:02
Alþingi passes sexual privacy bill
Justice minister Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir’s bill on sexual privacy was yesterday approved as an Act of Alþingi with 49 votes in favour. Prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir said she especially celebrates the new law because the threat online is bigger than ever.
18.02.2021 - 10:35
More in custody and shooting victim named
Three men were last night remanded in custody for seven days by Reykjavík District Court in connection to the fatal shooting on Rauðagerði in Reykjavík this weekend. The men were all arrested in the capital region on Tuesday.
18.02.2021 - 09:49
Four further arrests in shooting case
Four more people have been arrested in connection to this weekend's fatal shooting on Rauðagerði in the east of Reykjavík.
17.02.2021 - 15:41
Janssen vaccine could receive approval soon
The Belgian pharmaceuticals company Janssen, which is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has now formally applied for a marketing licence for its COVID-19 vaccine from the European Medicines Agency. It is expected the application will be processed in the middle of March. The vaccine has been under phase-evaluation since early December. Iceland has more vaccines from Janssen on order than from any other manufacturer.
17.02.2021 - 15:04
Last bank crash case back in court
The main hearing began this morning at the Landsréttur appeals court in the last outstanding banking crash case. Hreiðar Már Sigurðsson, Sigurður Einarsson, and Magnús Guðmundsson stand accused of breach of trust over loans made to overseas companies owned by Kaupþing customers shortly before the bank’s collapse.
17.02.2021 - 14:13
Temporary mobile safe injection site
An interim measure in newly confirmed rules from the health minister will allow the temporary use of one Frú Ragnheiður vehicle as a safe injection site. The law changed last year to allow municipalities to run safe injection sites with the purpose of trying to minimise the negative impacts of drug addiction.
17.02.2021 - 13:33
Three more in custody over murder
Three men were last night remanded in custody until 23rd February. The court approved the capital region police request in the interest of the ongoing investigation into this weekend’s fatal shooting on Rauðagerði in Reykjavík. One man is in his 40s and the other two in their 30s.
17.02.2021 - 12:32
Bar owner suing over long closure
A bar owner is suing the State in what his lawyer hopes will be a case that sets a precedent. Many bar owners are unhappy they were forced to close due to anti-COVID measures, while cafés and restaurants that also serve alcohol could stay open.
17.02.2021 - 10:38
Housing market was still buoyant in January
Close to a thousand property purchase contracts were notarised last month and their total value was around 70 billion krónur, according to Þjóðskrá Íslands (Registers Iceland) figures released this week.
17.02.2021 - 09:37
Danger alert and evacuations for Seyðisfjörður
A civil protection danger alert has been declared for Seyðisfjörður over the risk of landslides. More heavy rain is expected this evening and authorities are wary of the stability of the mountainside following December's devastating mudslides. Parts of the town are being evacuated.
16.02.2021 - 15:45
Blue Lagoon prepares to open again
The Blue Lagoon spa and hotel will soon re-open at weekends and the company has already re-hired some staff laid off due to the pandemic. Most other tourism companies are not re-hiring yet.
16.02.2021 - 15:11
Electric deal reached, smelter threat erased
Rio Tinto, which operates the aluminium smelter at Straumsvík near Hafnarfjörður, has withdrawn its complaint to the competition authority over Landsvirkjun’s electricity prices after the companies signed a new contract. The possibility that the smelter would shut down altogether has now been removed.
16.02.2021 - 14:26
45,000 signatures against deportation handed over
The justice minister was today handed a petition of 45,000 people opposed to the deportation of Uhunome Osayomore. The 21-year-old applied for international protection in Iceland but was rejected by the Útlendingastofnun (the Directorate of Immigration), and the immigration appeals committee.
16.02.2021 - 13:08