RÚV Sales

About RÚV Sales

RÚV Sales handles all commercial activities of RÚV, such as programme sales, archive sales, format sales, merchandising rights, licensing, advertising sales and sponsorship sales.  RÚV Programme Sales promote and sell TV-programmes and DVD-rights of all genres, produced by RÚV or by independent filmmakers.  RÚV invites all TV-acquisition professionals to contact us and get information about our wide range of TV-programmes in all genres. Do not hesitate to contact us
RÚV Archives is the largest source of footage in Iceland. We offer footage from a wide range of topics - such as nature, entertainment, historic events, places, news, music and science to name a few.

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – Ríkisútvarpið, or RÚV for short - is an independent public service broadcaster, comprising television, radio and online services. The main objective of the National Broadcasting Service is to inform, educate and entertain. This triple role is reflected in its mission to provide the public with a reliable news service and culture and entertainment content of the highest quality.  More about RÚV