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The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – Ríkisútvarpið, or RÚV for short - is an independent public service broadcaster, comprising television, radio and online services. The main objective of the National Broadcasting Service is to inform, educate and entertain. This triple role is reflected in its mission to provide the public with reliable news service and culture and entertainment content of the highest quality. We place particular attention on the Icelandic language, the history of the nation, cultural heritage and an active dialogue with the public. We furthermore place special focus on quality programming for children and young people. RÚV’s Archives are open and accessible to the public. 

RÚV is managed by an executive board made up of nine members, nominated by the Parliament and elected during a General Assembly in January each year, and by a management board chaired by the director-general. 

A source of RÚV’s strength in the modern world is that it is becoming increasingly possible for each and every one of us to compile individually tailored programming according to our own interests and at our own convenience.  Therefore our new slogan includes a reference to the individual – the core player in our activity.

Our aim is that RÚV will accompany you in your daily life and in your most memorable moments. 

Five priorities will underlie all RÚV’s actions, major and minor, until the end of 2026. These are based on RÚV’s strengths, backed by extensive data and in harmony with public service broadcasters overseas. RÚV provides important services to society in Iceland. In some respects, these are exactly the same as in other countries; naturally, in others, RÚV is unique.

The strategy was unveiled at a Radio conference in the Broadcasting Centre in Efstaleiti.

RÚV‘s history spans over 80 years with regular radio service starting in 1930. Television broadcasts begun in 1966 and the website RUV.is was launched in 1996.

Today RÚV is comprised of the following services:

•        TV channels: RÚV, RÚV 2 

RÚV is a television channel under the collective ownership of the Icelandic people. The channel’s role is to inform, educate and entertain an audience of all ages. Local programming is in the forefront, consisting of original series, full length features, educational material, news, debate, dramatization, sports, films, documentaries and short features. Also available is specially selected foreign material and the youngest viewers get their fair share of wholesome, constructive material, either locally produced or voiced in Icelandic. RÚV is an important participant in Icelandic cultural life, a platform for ambitious, diverse and innovative programming, leading by example in coverage and quality while providing a portal to foreign culture and current affairs around the world. 

RÚV2 - whenever stakes are high 

RÚV2 is our secondary channel, reserved for special events. Instead of featuring a continuous, pre-planned programming it serves as an extra to our main channel and broadcasts live coverages and recordings from significant event in culture and sports, local as well as global. 

•        Radio channels: Rás 1, Rás 2, Rondó

Rás 1 (Radio 1) - We want to pique your curiosity 

Radio 1 echoes the life in Iceland, world literature, art, science and theory in past, present and future. To Radio 1, everything is relevant. Our listeners can drift off and away from the daily grind and take their seat on our daily magical tour with stories of interesting people, latest news and discussions, listen to a concert featuring the Iceland Symphony or take a seat at a stage play. 

Rás 2 (Radio 2) - We tell you what’s happening 

Icelandic music is at the heart of Radio 2. The channel’s main function is to follow and cover new Icelandic music, play it, present it and talk about it. But it takes more than just the heart to keep us pumped. Our goal is to inform, educate and entertain. Radio 2 has from day one served as a significant voice in the daily discussion of all things Icelandic, keeping tabs on current affairs, culture and the daily public debate. 

Rondo - Classical music served 24/7 

Rondo is a fully automated radio station for those who want to enjoy a constant stream of classical music from around the world. 

•        Internet and mobile platforms: www.ruv.is, podcasts and apps

WWW.RUV.is - Whatever, wherever, whenever 

RÚV.IS has all things human within its scope. A bustling hub of activity, our news desk is open 24/7 and we distribute large amounts of premium material around the clock, all year round. News, culture, local daily life and entertainment, everything relevant to you and the latest news when you need them. Online we strive to meet different needs of our users, whether via linear program or on demand. Our online content player and our RUV app are a simple and convenient way to listen and watch whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. Every week, we add more than 400 recordings from our tv and radio channels to the content library accessible by the RUV app. 

Radio and televison programmes are all transmitted on RUV.is and normally available on demand for 7-90 days after transmission, with over 400 programme items added every week. RÚV has an archive of programmes and footage. For further information regarding archive sales please use the contact box below.

Ninety-five percent of the population use RÚV’s services every week and over seventy-six percent on a daily basis. These levels are one of the highest among Public Service Broadcasters in Europe. 99.8% of Icelandic households receive RUV‘s broadcasts, transmitted from numerous locations in Iceland via a distribution network built by RÚV, operated since 2009 by SÝN. 

RÚV is an active member of EBU (European Broadcasting Union, world’s leading alliance of public service media with 73 Members in 56 countries across Europe and beyond.

RÚV is also an active member of Nordvision, a cooperation of Public Service Television and Radio in the Nordic and the Nordic Film & TV Fund, which primary purpose is to promote film and TV productions of high quality in the five Nordic countries by providing support for top-up financing of feature films, TV-fiction / series and creative documentaries.  



Stefán Eiríksson (Director General)

Margrét Magnúsdóttir (Office Director)

Anna Bjarney Sigurðardóttir (Director – Finance, HR and Technology)

Matthías Már Magnússon (Head of Rás 2) 

Birgir Sigfússon (Director of Media) 

Hildur Sigurðardóttir (Head of HR)

Heiðar Örn Sigurfinnsson (Head of News) 

Skarphéðinn Guðmundsson (Head of TV and Programming)  

Þröstur Helgason (Head Culture and Rás 1) 



Icelandic National Broadcasting Service

Address: Efstaleiti 1, 150 Reykjavík


tel. (+354) 515 3000


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