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Press Release: RÚV strategy until 2021 presented

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RÚV’s new strategy until 2021 was unveiled today at a conference on the future role of the media.

Amongst other things, it was revealed that RÚV intends:
•    To give greater priority to understanding and meeting people’s needs and improving access to its services. This will include opening a new web player in the autumn, upgrading services to new Icelanders and putting more into development and start-up projects.
•    To improve services for young people, including the expansion of Kids’ RÚV and opening a new department to address the needs of young people.
•    To boost creative work and access to Icelandic cultural material, including a major drive to produce Icelandic drama and programming and the development of RÚV Films.
•    To have quicker response and more in-depth coverage in news broadcasting, including a new news commentary programme and a new news studio.
•    To stimulate and enliven the community and encourage the development of the media in Iceland through collaboration and consultation with different players in the community, including opening facilities to independent producers and setting about a more open procedure for developing ideas and giving priority to events that bring together the whole nation.

Mynd: Freykja Gylfadóttir / RÚV
General Director Magnús Geir Þórðarson announces new strategy on May 18th 2017.

Upgraded services for young people; closer collaboration with the creative arts; more open development of ideas; news coverage in greater depth and a major drive in drama production: these are among the emphases in RÚV’s new strategy, which was unveiled today at a conference on the future of media in the Broadcasting Centre on Efstaleiti.

Our task over the next few years will be first and foremost to develop our services to meet the changing needs of modern people in a new technological environment while at the same time defending our role as a public service broadcaster: to inform, educate and entertain. In addition, we want to build RÚV up as a driving force in the community, as an open forum for the development of ideas and have it take part in collaboration and in constructive social debate that will deliver concrete value to individuals and to society as a whole.

But this strategy does not mean a larger RÚV; not at all; it means clearer priority ranking within the framework we have.”

Magnús Geir Þórðarson, General Director of RÚV. 

The strategy states as a priority that RÚV must engage all age groups; services to young people (aged 15-29) will be upgraded through the development of new communication channels and programme material. Advertisements have already been published for a new project manager to work at this task, across media and platforms.

RÚV intends to boost creativity and dissemination of Icelandic cultural material, including a major drive to encourage the production of Icelandic drama and other programme material and the development of RÚV Films.
Emphasis will be placed on developing editorial units that will serve all RÚV’s media channels. A new web player will be developed that will expand access to the material on offer outside the traditional broadcasting times. At the same time, consultation with the public will be opened radically by means of focus groups, closer and deeper analysis of data and open “pitch days” where ideas for programme material will be invited.
RÚV wishes to increase collaboration with cultural institutions and creative sectors, and with other media, this involving amongst other things making Studio A available to independent producers. In this, RÚV wishes to make its contribution to ensuring the future of a varied media flora in Iceland.
RÚV’s staff are aware of the importance of having both quick response and in-depth treatment in its news coverage, which requires time and patience. Among the steps taken to meet these targets there will be a new investigative programme, beginning in autumn 2017. The emphasis will be on discussing life and events in Iceland in the global context and global events in terms of their relevance in Iceland.
Nine decades of contemporary history have been recorded at RÚV, and in the coming years the public will be given access to this heritage both in RÚV’s archives and on its website.
To make it possible to achieve these targets, RÚV is undertaking an overhaul and updating of its equipment and digital support systems. Staff training and continuing education will also be upgraded in the RÚV School, and additional resources are being allocated to software development and start-up projects.
Magnús Geir Þórðarson, General Director:

In the past five years there has been a transformation in the international media world. Social media have become public media and streaming channels have overturned the business model of subscription media. Access to foreign entertainment is almost unlimited, while material in Icelandic and about Icelandic society and reality is very scarce. These changes also impact the public’s wishes regarding services. These are exciting times with many challenges, and RÚV’s strategy up to the year 2021 is concerned not least with explaining how RÚV intends to tackle them. It is our intention to ensure that RÚV will be a modern, Icelandic public service broadcaster.

While certain projects are given priority, this does not mean that everything else will be side-lined. In the past few years we have prioritised and changed various things. At all times the aim is to do better, to improve services. This is a positive and natural line of development in which we are constantly engaged in making small modifications to our broadcasting, shifting funding around within a certain framework, and so on. In this way, we ensure that RÚV will provide reliable and interesting public services that are in step with the times and the public’s wishes.” 

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