Seismic activity still intense

20.08.2014 - 12:52
Mynd með færslu
More than 300 earthquakes have been detected in the Bardarbunga region in Vatnajokull glacier since midnight, and seismic activity there is still intense, mostly in a cluster east of the volcano Bardarbunga. Evacuation order is still in effect for the area north of Vatnajokull.

The evacuation order was announced last night and since then, tourists have been leaving the area. The order is in effect for the region north of Vatnajokull glacier, north to Route 1 (the Ringroad) and includes part of the Vatnajokull National Part, Askja, Herdubreidarlindir, Hvannalindir and Kverkfjoll. The area north of Route 1 is still open to the public. That area includes popular tourist attractions like Dettifoss waterfall, Asbyrgi, Jokulsargljufur canyon and Hljodaklettar.

Geologists and representatives of the Civil Protection Agency will fly over the Bardarbunga and nearby regions today to survey the glacier and the Jokulsa á Fjollum glacial river. The most intense seismic activity in recent hours has been north-east of Bardarbunga, in the Dyngjujokull outlet glacier, towards Kverkfjoll.

There is currently no immediate danger, but in case of an eruption, a major flood (jokulhlaup) is expected to the north, in the Jokulsa á Fjollum glacial river, fed by melting ice from the glacier. Around 3500 earthquakes have struck under the glacier since last weekend, marking the most intense earthquake activity on record in this area.


This story, by the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV), was updated on 20 August 2014, at 12:52 GMT.

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