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Holuhraun eruption - fresh video

17.11.2014 - 17:54
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Forceful volcanic activity was observed today in Holuhraun, when a cameraman from RUV flew over Holuhraun north of Vatnajokull. The eruption shows no signs of abating, sending a stream of glowing lava out from the crater towards the lava field which is now more then 72 square kilometers in size.

The Holuhraun eruption in Northern Iceland is now 3 months old. The eruption has produced over 1 cubic kilometer of lava, and the new lava field is about 72 square kilometers; making this the largest lava eruption in Iceland since the Laki eruption in 1783-4. The current seismic activity in the Bardarbunga caldera in Vatnajokull glacier started Aug. 16, but the lava eruption in Holuhraun started Aug. 29. 
The eruption shows no sign of decreasing, although the seismic activity in the dyke intrusion has been slightly lower in recent days. Also, the number of strong earthquakes (over 5 Magnitude) in the Bardarbunga caldera has decreased slightly.
The lava stream in Holuhraun has forced one of the branches of the glacial runoff towards the east, but has not yet closed the whole riverbed.
Sulphur dioxide pollution is persistent due to gases emanating from the eruption, with higher-than-normal SO2 levels being measured in different parts of the country, depending on the wind direction.