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Fatal light aircraft accident this weekend

29.07.2019 - 13:43
Mynd með færslu
A man in his sixties died when his light aircraft crashed on take-off at Haukadalur airfield early Saturday afternoon. According to the Icelandic Red Cross, a lot of people were at the airfield thanks to an event being held there. Red Cross counsellors were dispatched to the scene to help witnesses to the accident. Another small plane had crash landed at the same airfield just two days before—though that pilot escaped serious injury.

The name of the pilot was Sigurvin Bjarnason, aged 64. He leaves behind a wife, three grown-up children, and five grandchildren, a police press release says. 

The plane was a single-engine home-built machine and its wreckage has been taken to Reykjavík for investigation. 

Investigations at the scene of the crash concluded shortly before 05.00 on Sunday morning. Air accident investigator Ragnar Guðmundsson told RÚV that the next stage is data gathering and preliminary examination of the aircraft. 

Despite two accidents in three days, Ragnar says there is no evidence at this stage to suggest the airfield is in a poor state of repair.

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