Court rejects Klaustur case

19.12.2018 - 14:54
Mynd með færslu
The Reykjavík District Court has rejected the request from four Miðflokkurinn (Centre Party) MPs to start gathering witness evidence for a trial in the ongoing Klaustur scandal. The politicians made their request to the court as part of their plan to prosecute Bára Halldórsdóttir, the woman who recorded their conversation at a bar on 20th November.

The request called for the court to summon witnesses connected to Klaustur bar, as well as representatives of Alþingi and the national church, with the specific intent of asking whether they have security camera footage from that evening. Dómkirkjan cathedral stands directly between Alþingi and the bar, but its priest has this week told media there is no security camera at the church that could prove relevant. 

The request was formally made to the court on Monday afternoon in front of a packed courtroom—with Bára’s supporters filling the central Reykjavík building, which is on the same square as Miðflokkurinn’s headquarters. 

The court promised a decision this week, but Stundin reported this morning that the request had been rejected. One of Bára’s lawyers, Ragnar Aðalsteinsson, has this afternoon confirmed that news to RÚV. 

The four MPs now have several options. They could appeal the decision to the Landsréttur appeals court. They have already complained to the Data Protection Authority and can wait to hear the Authority’s verdict in the case. The MPs could launch a civil case against Bára. And finally, they could ask the police to launch a criminal investigation into the famous recording and its release to the media.