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Arrested near the Holuhraun eruption

05.09.2014 - 19:32
Mynd með færslu
Police in North Eastern Iceland today arrested driver and passengers of several jeeps, seen entering the restricted zone near the Holuhraun eruption. The area has been completely closed off, due to fear of an impending subglacial eruption and flood. The uninvited guests can expect heavy fines.

Police Commissioner Svavar Palsson in Husavik did not want to comment specifically on the arrests but stated that the area was closed to all traffic, both to drivers and hikers. "Police personell has been surveying the area today, both on the ground and from the air; this work will continue." he said, adding that police patrols were more geared towards keeping people safe than catching lawbreakers. 

In a separate interview, Bjorn Oddsson, a supervisor at the Civil Protection Agency pointed out that the area is dangerous and would not be opened any time soon; circumstances there could chance on a moments notice. 

Strict rules have been issued for entering the restricted zone near Holuhraun. 

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