Norðurland: need for more accommodation

24.11.2022 - 16:29
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Ágúst Ólafsson - Rúv
Norðurland region in the northern part of Iceland needs more accommodation. This results from a KPMG consulting agency analysis of accommodation prepared for the North’s Chamber of Commerce (Markaðsstofu Norðurlands) this autumn.

Booking rates: all-time high
According to that, increasing utilisation outside the peak season, growing demand and the need for investment in accommodation characterise the situation in northern tourism.

The booking rates of hotels have been at an all-time high, with larger hotels and those in urban centres being almost fully booked during peak season. Furthermore, demand in the winter months has been growing, and KPMG’s analysis shows the accommodation occupancy rate will rise accordingly.

More international flights to Akureyri
The reason for this expected development is planned for more international flights to Iceland’s North, Akureyri, thus bringing more tourists there. In addition, trips to Iceland, in general, have become increasingly popular.

Niceair already departs from Akureyri to Denmark and Spain and has announced flights to Düsseldorf, Germany, from next spring. The German airline Condor will start serving routes to Akureyri in May. And Icelandair has started selling domestic flights from Keflavík to Akureyri. Finally, Voigt Travel plans to continue flying from Amsterdam to Akureyri next winter and from Rotterdam during the summer months.

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Susanne Hagen
Fréttastofa RÚV