Iceland to introduce new travel ID cards

22.11.2022 - 12:32
Mynd með færslu
Nafnskírteini dagsins í dag eru ekki upp á marga fiska. Og teljast ekki ferðaskilríki. Myndin er úr safni Andrésar Inga Jónssonar þingmanns, sem hefur látið sig málið varða. Mynd: Andrés Ingi Jónsson
Iceland is planning to introduce travel ID cards in the near future – provided corresponding law changes will be implemented.

Future Icelandic ID cards to meet European standards
Icelandic ID cards in future will be updated according to EU requirements once the law has come into effect. Thus, they could be used instead of passports when travelling within and beyond the European Economic Area (EEA – Evrópusambandsins).

ID cards were first introduced in Iceland in 1965. As they exist today, however, they are neither valid as travel documents nor do they confirm the holder’s ID. Furthermore, they don’t provide sufficient security for the data connection.

Europe: new criteria for ID cards
Since 2021, ID cards issued within the European Union must meet specific design and security standards. 
European Commission: Factsheet (PDF): What will change with the new rules on ID cards? (4.4.19) 

So far, Iceland has been the only country within EEA not issuing ID cards valid as travel documents. Now, the government wants to meet EEA standards, implementing them through an upcoming bill proposed by the Minister of Justice (dómsmálaráðherra), Jón Gunnarsson. Ný lög um nafnskírteini (18.11.22)

Especially Icelanders regularly travelling abroad will benefit from the new ID cards. In future, they will be able to confirm their nationality, i.e. at borders without a passport.

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Susanne Hagen
Fréttastofa RÚV