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The arrested have previous history

04.10.2022 - 21:32
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Sölvi Andrason - RÚV
Two women and one man are in custody over the fatal stabbing of a man in Ólafsfjörður, North Iceland, this weekend. They were moved to Reykjavík today.

The investigation is still in its infancy, but RÚV sources claim the people have previous history with the police.

Sources also indicate that at least four people were in the apartment on Ólafsvegur on Sunday night: the deceased, his girlfriend, and another couple. The man was stabbed to death and one of the women was also injured. She was taken to Accident & Emergency for treatment.

She was among the three people arrested. They were last night remanded in custody for a week. They were taken to Reykjavík today.

Conflict before the incident

According to RÚV’s sources, the police have had previous dealings with the people in custody. Townspeople who spoke to RÚV yesterday reported that some of them had been exhibiting threatening behaviour for a long time and had been in conflict with one another in the past.

Ólafsfjörður is a town in shock, according to its mayor. A large number of people attended a moment of silence at Ólafsfjörður church last night. The Icelandic Red Cross sent three representatives to the town yesterday, who have been providing psychological support and trauma care. Ólafsfjörður church will also be open for the next few days, where people can seek support.

"A human tragedy that affects the whole town"

The mayor of Fjallabyggð, Sigríður Ingvarsdóttir, today wrote on the municipality’s website that the case concerns the entire town and its residents. It is a human tragedy, she wrote, and many people are directly affected. The local government of Skagafjörður this morning sent condolences to the residents of Fjallabyggð.

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