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Coastguard says goodbye to ships

16.08.2022 - 22:41
Varðskipið Týr. - Mynd: Landhelgisgæsla Íslands / Landhelgisgæsla Íslands
The Icelandic coastguard patrol vessels Týr and Ægir have formally been deregistered from the fleet and handed over to their new owners in a ceremony at the harbourside in Reykjavík yesterday. Former crewmembers lowered the flag, and a guard of honour from other coastguard personnel. The final papers to transfer the boats to new owners were signed at the end of the ceremony.

The coastguard fleet’s latest addition, Freyja, went into service in November. She was built in South Korea in 2010 and bought for over 1.8 billion krónur.

Ægir, meanwhile, was built in Aalborg in 1968 and was actively employed by the Icelandic coastguard until 2015. Ægir served through the so-called Cod Wars; both when Iceland extended its territorial waters to 50 miles, and later to 200. It was the crew of Ægir who first wielded net cutters against a British trawler on 5th September 1972.

Týr was handed over to the coastguard in 1975 and also served in the latter ‘Cod War’.

Morgunblaðið reported in February that two offers had been made for the retired ships. The higher of the bids was for 125 million krónur, but the purchase was later abandoned. The identity of the eventual buyer, or buyers, has not been made public.

As well as Freyja, the Icelandic coastguard also operates Þór, its flagship, which entered service in 2011, the monitoring and hydrographical vessel Baldur, and an operational manoeuvres speedboat called Óðinn.

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