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No pets injured in ferry car crush

15.08.2022 - 21:33
Mynd: Tryggvi Már Sæmundsson / Fréttir
The car lift on board the Herjólfur ferry, which connects Vestmannaeyjar and the mainland, was lowered onto two cars yesterday evening, causing severe damage.

The accident was the result of human error, and no passengers were on the car deck at the time.

The managing director of the ferry company, Hörður Orri Grettisson, told RÚV today there were no crewmembers on the car deck either.

People are not allowed on the car deck while the ferry is in motion, but pets must be left in cars while travelling to and from the islands. Luckily, there were no pets in either of the damaged cars, Hörður Orri confirmed with Eyjafréttir.

The accident occurred when a crewmember leant on the button to lower the lift without realising, he explains—adding that remedial action has been taken to prevent such a thing ever happening again.

Asked whether the accident is being investigated by police, Hörður Orri says he does not believe so.

Dog owners who use the ferry have been calling for dogs to be allowed out of cars for the crossing, with some this year even risking the ire of crew by taking their dogs on deck, against the rules. The ferry has been regularly discussed among members of dog groups on social media in the past year or two. This incident will not serve to quieten their unofficial campaign.

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