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Upgrade for Egilsstaðir airport in light of earthquakes

09.08.2022 - 20:11
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 Mynd: Rúnar Snær Reynisson - RÚV
The Fljótsdalshérað local government proposes that the municipality of Múlaþing start discussions with the Ministry of Infrastructure on the further development of Egilsstaðir airport in light of the earthquakes on the Reykjanes peninsula. The local government chairman says Egilstaðir airport is well suited for the project. 

Where is the best place to build a new airport?

The volcanic eruptions in Meradalir and Geldingadalir last year could be the beginning of a prolonged seismic activity on the Reykjanes peninsula. The situation has reached a point where the risks to the infrastructure need to be reassessed. Keflavík International Airport and the surrounding roads have been the main discussion topics. Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the Prime Minister, and Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, the Minister for Infrastructure, have both said that in light of the situation, other areas of the country must be considered for the construction of an alternative airport. But where does it make sense to set up a new route into the country? 

Mýrar in Borgarfjörður 

Halla Signý Kristjánsdóttir, a member of the Progressive Party who is on the Transport Committee, wrote an article about it in Morgunblaðið last week. It contemplated the possibility of an airport site at Mýrar in Borgarfjörður in West Iceland. The municipality of Múlaþing has consulted the Ministry of Infrastructure on the further development of Egilsstaðir airport. 

Hopes the earthquakes will push the government into action

Vilhjálmur Jónsson, the local government chairman, says Egilstaðir is well suited for the project. "The issue is not new, but these earthquakes in Reykjanes may finally push it," says Vilhjálmur. A few places have now been mentioned, such as Borgarfjörður or Akureyri. 

In your opinion, is Egilsstaðir airport better than others for this project? 
"The conditions at Egilstaðir airport are in some ways more convenient, and I also think that, in general, it is good to have another airport prepared if there are major flight disruptions in the country. Then we could spread the flights on a few airports."

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