Hopes the summer will come this weekend

04.08.2022 - 16:14
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Sigurður Erlingsson - RÚV
It has been snowing continuously in the Askja volcano area in the highlands for almost a week. A ranger with years of experience cannot remember a summer as cold as that. 

Considerable traffic this year

There has been considerable tourist traffic this summer around the highlands, and the area around Drekagil and Askja is no exception. Tourists visiting the area aren´t most likely going there to search for the sun. This summer has shown yet again how unpredictable Iceland can be.

Hopes summer will come this weekend 

The ranger Sigurdur Erlingsson took cover inside a hut before we spoke. “Today, it is still cold and snowing in Askja, and it has been snowing here since Friday. And at 1100 meters, the layer of snow is 5 cm high. We hope summer will come this weekend because the forecast is excellent." 
He says it is unusual to see so much snow for so long at this time of year. “I’ve been a ranger here and a guide before that for over ten years, and I can’t remember anything like this.” 
So you can say the summer in the highlands never came? 
“Yes, you can say that, but we had a little inkling about upcoming anomalies after last year when the temperatures here reached 30 degrees Celsius. These may be the signs of global warming, the weather becomes more unpredictable.” 

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