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Free swimming, late swimming

30.06.2022 - 15:18
Mynd: Anton Brink /
Starting on 1st August, children of primary school age (6-16-years-old) will enjoy free entry to Reykjavík’s swimming pools. Laugardalslaug will also stay open until midnight every Thursday between 4th August and 29th December.

The main city council approved the suggestions from the culture, sports, and recreational council this morning. The proposal also means that swimming pool cards parents and guardians have bought for their children will be refunded, whether they are six or 12-month cards or blocks of ten entry tickets. The increased cost of the new service will be 12 million krónur, plus 7.4 million in refunds.

The midnight opening of Laugardalslaug (Reykjavík’s biggest swimming complex) will be a pilot project on Thursday nights for the rest of the year. The success of the pilot will be assessed alongside the preparation of budget plans for 2023. The increased cost associated with the project from August to December is 2.5 million krónur, based on an annualised estimated cost of six million.

“It is hoped that the midnight opening will make the city’s good swimming culture even more colourful and enjoyable,” a statement from the City of Reykjavík says.

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