Shooting in Hafnarfjörður

22.06.2022 - 10:03
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Þóra Arnórsdóttir - RÚV
Several police cars and two ambulances, as well as a special police unit, are conducting operations on Miðvangur Street in Hafnarfjörður in connection to a shooting that occurred less than an hour ago not far from Viðivellir kindergarten.

Police officers from the special unit are in bulletproof vests. According to RÚV sources, shots were fired at a car in front of a residential building located behind the Nettó store in Hafnarfjörður.

Police suspect that the shooter is inside the building in his apartment and are negotiating with him over the phone.

Police have set up barriers, closed off the area and are monitoring the site. The Nettó store has also been closed. 

Viðivellir kindergarten has been closed, and a notice has been sent to parents of children who have already come to the kindergarten that they are safe. The rest of the parents have been advised not to bring their children to kindergarten until the situation is clear.

All streets around the kindergarten are closed, and the area isn't deemed to be safe. 

Skúli Jónsson, Assistant Superintendent of Police in Hafnarfjörður, confirmed in an interview with the RÚV that a police task force had been called in but did not want to give more information.

Article updated at 10:55.

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