Baldur ferry in poor condition

21.06.2022 - 11:07
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Elsa María Guðlaugs Drífudót - RÚV
The National Road Administration (Vegagerðin) is looking into the condition of the Baldur ferry. It is not yet known whether the sailings will be stopped. Bergþóra Kristinsdóttir, director of the services department at the Road Administration, is concerned about safety on board. 

The ferry Baldur broke down on Saturday after leaving Stykkishólmur harbour with more than a hundred passengers on board. The vessel was anchored about 300 meters offshore for nearly six hours. 

The National Road Administration, which manages ferry transport in Iceland, has scheduled a meeting today with Sæferðir, the company that operates the ferry. 

Ferry still on schedule

Bergþóra Kristinsdóttir said that so far, it is unknown whether there are reasons to stop the sailings, but admits that she is concerned about safety on board. 

Safety issues

The mechanics of the ferry are questionable, as Baldur's engine frequently breaks down. The program Kveikur, aired on RÚV TV in April, produced a report on the condition of the ferry that raised many questions about safety and the possibility of the ship tilting uncontrollably.  

Asked if there is a possibility of suspending sailings until the problem is resolved, Bergþóra replies: "I am not at liberty to say anything more about this at this time, as we will be reviewing the issue over the next few days." 

In your opinion, is passenger safety at risk?

"We hope this is not the case, but of course, we are analysing all the problems that have arisen, and we are taking this matter very seriously," says Bergþóra Kristinsdóttir. 

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