Students make Iceland sound map

12.05.2022 - 14:45
Mynd: Curren Podlesny / Unsplash
The crash of waves of Reynisfjara beach, and the unceasing hiss of Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls are among the offerings on a new sound map of Iceland. These and more natural sound recordings were made by students of Víkurskóli school in Grafarvogur, Reykjavík, alongside their foreign guest students.

The recordings of Seljalandsfoss, Reynisfjara, Skógafoss and more are available on a website and are part of the Erasmus project ‘Let me be your tour guide’, in which six countries are involved. Students from all six countries are currently in Iceland. 

The sound map was the idea of Kaska Paluch, who leads the project. Kaska is also known for her work with the musician and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (who was part of the band Yellow Magic Orchestra, among others), alongside Andri Snær Magnason at the Venice Biennale this year.

Ásrún Ágústsdóttir, multimedia teacher at Víkurskóli, said at the start of this week: “We are travelling around Iceland; mainly the south coast. We went on Tuesday, and then we are taking the Golden Circle tomorrow. The students are recording sounds. Because it’s one thing to see Icelandic nature, but the sounds also do so much!” 

The group members were particularly pleased with their recordings at Reynisfjara, sometimes known by tourists as Black Sand Beach. “The school has recording equipment and in order to protect the equipment from wind, we 3D printed a wind shield for the microphone with the children. It has worked really well. They just dress themselves according to the weather: we were in pouring rain on Tuesday [last week], but it was no problem for them. They are tough,” Ásrún says. 

Click here to see and hear the ‘sound map’. 

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