Bouncy castle accident support group in training

14.01.2022 - 10:54
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The police investigation into the bouncy castle accident in Akureyri last summer, in which a six-year-old-girl was seriously injured, is reaching its final stage. The girl is still undergoing rehabilitation. She is a superhero, according to one of the founders of her support group on Facebook. The girl’s mother has found strength in the Great Outdoors, and other have drawn inspiration from her.

The accident occurred on 1st July and around a hundred children were on the giant bouncy castle when it took off. Seven of them were taken to hospital in Akureyri and one, Klara, now age six, was taken to Landspítali national university hospital in Reykjavík. The North Iceland police investigation is now at an advanced stage. 

Ásthildur Björnsdóttir, Klara’s aunt, had never been cross-country skiing before and had not been swimming for years, but now has an annual pass and has completed a swimming course. 

“We were all infected by the passion of Klara’s mother. We saw how much good it was doing her getting out and moving. Especially for her mental health,” Ásthildur explains. “And then, when she decided to register for the ‘FÍ Landvættir ½’ [a running, swimming, cycling, and cross-country skiing challenge], we were just a bit like ‘We’ll do it too’. People weren’t even thinking about what is involved in the half Landvættir. So people who had never stepped onto cross-country skis decided to take part too.” 

Family, friends, and well-wishers then set up the ‘Áfram Klara’ Facebook page to support the family through sport. It is possible to make financial donations through the page, and to follow the progress of the nearly 20 people taking the challenge to ski, cycle, run, and swim many, many kilometres. “Klara’s mum and dad are tough as nails and her mum just felt that this was her way.” 

“And we draw on her passion, and last but not least Klara’s passion, to go out and exercise in whatever weather. And while it’s really tough, we’re just like: ‘We’re not going to complain, because Klara is dealing with the biggest challenge’.” 

And how is Klara doing? 

“She’s so tough. She’s the biggest superhero I have met. For sure. She is doing loads of rehab and will continue to do so, but it’s going well.” 

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