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Volcano could erupt again with little warning

23.12.2021 - 13:49
Mynd: RUV / RUV
Some 5,000 earthquakes have been registered since the earthquake swarm around Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsula started on Tuesday evening. A Magnitude 4 quake was clearly felt in southwest Iceland just before 05.00 this morning—the fifth shake over M4 since Tuesday.

Seismic activity today has so far been similar to yesterday and new satellite data are expected later today that should help scientists better understand what is happening around the volcano that was recently declared to have stopped erupting.

One possible scenario being considered by the Met Office is that the earthquake swarm could end with another volcanic eruption—as happened in March. “Then we also had several thousand earthquakes a day. It is most likely that magma is on the move there below the surface. Whether it will reach the surface or not is impossible to say,” according to natural hazards specialist Einar Bessi Gestsson. 

The earthquake swarm is centred around Fagradalsfjall, but stretches out to nearby Nátthagakriki and Litli-Hrútur. 

Current predictions are that the seismic activity will continue to come in periods of increased intensity followed by quieter periods, as it has been since Tuesday. It is possible magma could break through the surface with little warning. It is also possible an eruption could begin so gently that it is recorded only by webcams and not by monitoring equipment. 

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