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Iceland top of European team gymnastics

06.12.2021 - 14:17
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Stefán Pálsson
The Icelandic women’s gymnastics team this weekend won the European championship title following an extremely close battle with Sweden for the honour. Iceland’s men completed a wonderful weekend for Icelandic gymnastics by finishing second.

 Iceland’s women took 57,250 points in the final in Portugal and Sweden received exactly the same number of points. Iceland clinched the title for finishing higher in more disciplines than Sweden.

Iceland’s women were last European champions in 2012, but have finished below Sweden at the past three European championships. 

Setting the mark on Saturday, Iceland started the final on the trampoline, scoring a very credible 17,750—1.5 more than they scored in the semi-final. The Icelanders went on to score an incredible 22,300 points on the floor—the highest score in the competition overall. 

Before the final round, there was just 0.6 points between the teams, with Sweden ahead and facing the trampoline last. Unlike other disciplines on Saturday, the Swedes’ performance in the final round was not quite perfect. Nevertheless, they scored 16,600 points for a total of 51,250. Iceland needed at least 17,200 on the mats.  

Team captain Andrea Sif Pétursdóttir picked up an injury in the second part of the routine, but the team finished the third part without incident and picked up precisely 17,200 points, ending equal with Sweden. Iceland took the European championship gold because the team finished top in two of the three areas: floor and trampoline. 

The Icelandic men’s team finished the competition in second place on 56,475 points—far behind the winners, Sweden, on 61,350 points, and just ahead of third-place United Kingdom on 56,000. 

It was the first time Iceland has entered an adult men’s team in the competition since 2010.