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Bomb not thought to have targeted embassy

01.12.2021 - 14:44
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A home-made bomb was found in a refuse skip on Mánatún in Reykjavík yesterday. Despite its location, there is no indication the device was in any way connected to the presence of the official ambassador’s residence on the same street, for the United States embassy.

Three people were arrested over the discovery of the bomb. Two have started prison time for previous punishable offences, while the third has been released. 

A statement from the capital region police says that the investigation is going well so far and that further details are not being released yet. 

State police special forces were called out when the device was found and officers decided they were able to dispose of it without calling the coastguard bomb disposal squad. 

The chief of the state police would not answer whether or not security around the American embassy has been tightened, but the device is not believed to have been targeting the ambassador’s house. The US embassy is currently operating without an ambassador, since the previous incumbent quit in January. 

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