Iceland elected to UNESCO board

18.11.2021 - 12:05
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Iceland was yesterday elected to the Executive Board of UNESCO, with support from 168 of the 178 nations voting to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation board. Three nations were vying for three free seats for the coming four years. Iceland’s candidature was on behalf of all the Nordic nations.

The General Conference of UNESCO is taking place in Paris and yesterday saw Iceland elected to the executive board, which is made up of members from 58 of UNESCO’s 193 member nations. Austria and Turkey were also elected to Group I; the nine seats for Western nations. 

The executive board is appointed at the UNESCO General Conference and is responsible for following up on decisions, auditing the agency’s working and finance plans submitted by the Director, guiding projects, and auditing their progress. 

“The implementation of the UN SDGs, gender equality, a human rights-based approach, active participation by young people and inclusion will form the core of Iceland’s emphases during its term on the Executive Board. Iceland will aim to ensure that UNESCO is and continues to be an active and effective organisation in its field, operating under effective leadership and in cooperation with the appropriate UN agencies. Iceland will also support the continuing reform process and development of UNESCO,” a statement from the Icelandic government says. 

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