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“Police messed up Rauðagerði case”

22.10.2021 - 11:08
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: RÚV
Aðalheiður Ámundadóttir, the head of news at Fréttablaðið, says yesterday’s sentencing in the Rauðagerði murder case was well done on behalf of the court, but that the investigation was a mess and the final outcome of the trial is a blow for the police.

Reykjavík District Court yesterday sentenced Angjelin Mark Sterkaj to 16 years in prison for the murder by shooting of Armando Beqirai. Angjelin confessed to the act after the police presented strong evidence during questioning. His common-law wife and two other people were also charged but yesterday acquitted in court. 

The charges described the murder as extremely well planned by the four defendants. They were said to have monitored the victim’s car, sent messages among themselves, driven Angjelin to and from the victim’s Rauðagerði home, been with him when he disposed of the gun, and of having known of the atrocity without reporting it to the police. The prosecutor called the killing an organised execution, and called for a prison sentence as close to 20 years as possible. The other three should face up to five years behind bars, the prosecutor claimed.  

The court did not agree. Angjelin was sentenced to 16 years and the other three defendants were acquitted. 

“I think the ruling is extremely convincing. It is well supported,” Aðalheiður said on RÚV’s Kastljós programme yesterday evening. “The police did not manage to prove the case against these three. There is simply no evidence against any of them and prosecution’s case was not convincing,” she says. 

The Rauðagerði case was one of the most complicated and wide-ranging cases ever investigated by Icelandic police. At one point there were 14 official suspects and nine people have been remanded in custody during the investigation. 

Aðalheiður says she fears what impact the court ruling could have on the police. “Such a mess-up, because this is a mess-up, this is a blow for them. This is a political blow to them and I have concerns about that.” 

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