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Double the marijuana

22.10.2021 - 15:40
Úr umfjöllun Kveiks um kannabis.
 Mynd: Kveikur - RÚV
More than double the amount of marijuana has been seized by capital region police and customs officers so far this year than during all of 2020. More cocaine, ecstasy, and LSD have also been confiscated this year.

So far this year, capital region police and customs agents have confiscated 108 kilogrammes of marijuana, compared to just 40 kg all of last year. 

Margeir Sveinsson, assistant capital region police chief, tells RÚV teenagers and adults alike are regular cannabis users and that the use and production of the drug is more widespread now than in the past. 

More cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and LSD tablets have been seized this year than last, but only around nine kilogrammes of amphetamines, compared to 24 kg during all of 2020. 

Metamphetamine confiscation jumps so far this year to 530 grammes, up from 107 last year, and cocaine from 2 kg to 6kg. The same amount of heroin has been confiscated so far this year as all of last year: 11 grammes. Hash, meanwhile, is less prevalent. Police have confiscated 180 grammes so far this year, compared to 400 grammes in 2020.  

The number of drug dealing- and use cases dropped between years, and Margeir says this is largely because of the pandemic. 

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