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Icelandair returns profit for first time it two years

21.10.2021 - 16:04
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 Mynd: Kristinn Þeyr - RÚV
Icelandair Group posted a 2.5 billion króna profit in the third quarter this year. The result comes after Icelandair transported 700,000 passengers in July, August, and September, which was four-times more than in the same three months last year.

Cargo has also been doing well, with Icelandair Cargo now transporting more freight than before the pandemic and returning more profit.

Company director Bogi Nils Bogason says in a statement that the company is returning a profit for the first time in two years of regular operations. The spread of the Delta variant slowed new bookings considerably in August and September, but they are picking up again. The opening of borders in the USA means the company will once again be able to use its route network to its full potential for the first time since March 2020. "After an increase in bookings in early summer, bookings slowed in August and September because of the effect of the Delta variant. Conditions have improved again and the flow of bookings has been strong in recent weeks. The opening of the USA to European travellers is a very positive step for the company's ongoing recovery, as all its markets will then be open," the statement reads.

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