Heightened state of alert due to major storm

28.09.2021 - 10:02
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Óðinn Svan Óðinsson - RÚV
Civil protection authorities are in a heightened state of preparedness in response to the severe weather hitting Iceland today—especially in the northwest. Several roads in the Westfjords are closed and Möðradalsöræfi is impassable. Electricity supplies in the Westfjords could be at risk as the day progresses.

An orange weather warning is in effect for the Northwest, from northern Snæfellsnes to Skagafjörður. 

Meteorologist Elín Björk Jónasdóttir says conditions will deteriorate rapidly as the day progresses. “The low is right by the north-western corner [of the country] now and will then go west today. The weather will get much worse in the northwest of the country as the morning progresses and midday approaches.” 

Conditions in the region will be worst between 13.00 and 17.00 and will ease somewhat this evening. A civil protection uncertainty phase has been declared over the storm—which has the effect of coordinating search & rescue teams, communications and electricity companies, the roads administration, coastguard, and the Red Cross in a heightened state of readiness. 

A yellow weather alert is in effect for most of the rest of the country as well, and runs from lunchtime to midnight in the capital. Residents of higher neighbourhoods should prepare for some potential disruption on the way home this evening. 

The 20-25-metre-per-second winds in the northwest are coming from an unusual north-westerly direction, which means waves can be pushed directly into many fjords in the region. The heavy precipitation and high seas could therefore lead to additional problems. Icing in harbours is also possible in the cold weather. “This sort of weather is unusual for September and it could be among the worst weather we see all winter,” the meteorologist added. 

There is no weather alert or warning for South and Southeast Iceland, though the weather will not be good there either. 

Tomorrow is forecast to be calmer, with moderate to strong breeze and showers of rain or sleet. Calmest in the northeast, and warmest in the southeast, where the maximum temperature will be 9°C. Chilly elsewhere. 

The above picture was taken this morning in Akureyri.

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