Latest covid rules in a bit more detail

15.09.2021 - 13:07
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The anti-contagion rules in Iceland changed at midnight. The general assembly limit is now 500 people, up from 200. Some other rules are changing in more subtle ways. Here are some more details.

Licenced hospitality venues are now allowed to stay open an hour later than yesterday. The wording of the rule is that their closing time is now midnight, instead of 23.00. The last guests must leave at or before 01.00; an hour after closing. They are not supposed to serve alcohol after midnight. 

Exemptions to the 500-person limit can be made for events where everybody has recent negative rapid test results. If the event is not fully seated, however, guests must wear face masks or maintain a minimum one metre between people. 

School events such as balls, proms, or other social events are exempt from mask and social distancing rules, as long as they do not exceed 1,500 people and everybody has negative rapid test results. 

The general one-metre rule remains in place, except at seated events. Where the one-metre rule cannot be guaranteed indoors, face masks are mandatory; such as at hair salons and on public transport. 

Go slow on border restrictions 

The memo to the health minister this weekend from the chief epidemiologist says that in light of experience at the end of June, when all domestic restrictions were removed at once and changes made to border testing rules, it is prudent to approach relaxing the rules slowly—especially those at the border. “The serious illness that resulted from these relaxations approached the endurance limits of Landspítali national university hospital, as is well known.” 

He says that if things go well at the border and the transport of the virus into the country from overseas is minimised, he believes there will be room to further relax domestic restrictions in the coming weeks and months. 

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